How To Tell If Your Dog Has Spinal Problems

Dogs like their human masters, often suffer from disease processes which are caused by abnormalities of the spinal discs.The severity of the condition varies from stiffness and difficulty in getting up after resting to complete paralysis. Video of intervertebral disc disease in dogs What is the function of a spinal disc? The spinal disc is […]

Often called auto-intoxication or self poisoning is usually brought about by improper feeding, lack of exercise, bad ventilation and the use of prohibited foods such as liver, etc. Dogs kept in confined spaces and not taken out of the house for exercise naturally retain excretions which they retain on account of lack of exercise, especially […]

dogs and cats are bitten by snakes

Each summer a number of dogs and cats are bitten by snakes. Pets living in rural areas are more likely to encounter snakes, and it is not uncommon for snakes to come close to the built-up areas. Many owners exercise their dogs in these areas and, with the current abundant growth of grass, encounters with […]

How To Treat Dog Stung By Bee

Dogs naturally are inquisitive, and when taken out for a run it is quite possible for them to disturb insects and become the object of the insect’s fury. A sting, especially on a part of the body unprotected by hair, excites a dog, and often causes convulsions and the animal to succumb. Should convulsions occur not […]

8 Tips For Preventing Dog Bites

1. Never approach a strange dog unless it is restrained by its owner. This is a particularly important rule for people who have dogs. People, especially children, who have friendly pets often expect a friendly reaction from all dogs. 2. Don’t run past a strange dog, especially one that’s chained up or fenced in. The […]

Importance of exercise for dogs

Caring for your dog, if you are a new owner, may seem like a lot of work, but it is essential if you want a strong and healthy canine. Getting your dog vaccinated First of all, it is extremely important that your dog be vaccinated against distemper, a disease that appears suddenly and affects dogs […]