Best Dog To Have As A Family Pet

Dogs make good companions but it is important that you select the right type of dog, that is one that suits your lifestyle. How to choose a dog breed for your family? Before you start choosing a particular one because you find it really cute, consider the following points: 1. The size of the dog […]

Proper Way To Bathe A Dog

Dogs become smelly for many reasons. Every dog emanates a body odor. In some cases it is so faint that it is hardly noticeable while in others it is positively obnoxious. Moreover, the older the dog the stronger the body odor is likely to be. And if the dog is a house dog it then […]

Cold Winter Safety Tips For Dogs

Signs are not wanting that wintry weather may be expected within a few weeks, and it is fitting that we should give some attention, at this time, to the wants of our dogs during what is for them the most trying season of the year. The novice fancier, in particular, will need to considerable adequate […]

best natural dog diet

One often sees rules governing the diet of a dog published in almost any dog book. These cannot be too often repeated. Every now and again a new batch of recruits come into the show ring, and with them the necessity arises for giving useful tipsĀ as to the primary rules for dog feeding. If the […]