How to feed your dog properly

Why is a balanced diet important for dogs? How much should you feed a dog based on weight? How to get your overweight dog to lose weight Important rules for feeding dogs Top 15 best homemade recipes for dogs Best diet for old dogs Why is a balanced diet important for dogs? Dog breeder’s books […]

Interaction of Golden Retrievers with Cats

Dogs and cats both are predatory animals in nature. Both of these animals are genetically designed to chase the smaller animals. In the case of dogs, prey chase is mainly dependent on the breeds as some breeds tend to have much more innate desire to chase moving objects than the others. Owing to the predatory […]

7 Durable Dog Gift-Toy Ideas for Christmas

Are you thinking to gift your pup the best toy this Christmas? Here, you will get perfect gift ideas to surprise your pooch with, that he will chew, tear, and squeeze for days without getting tired. The fun may last for years not just days and keep the dog engaged for long-term. These seven gift […]

How to Spot a Bad Dog Food Product

There is a lot of debate on whether pet parents should buy packaged pet food for their dogs. At this point, the opinion on what’s healthy and which is the right way to feed your dog is still up for speculation as pet owners are divided by their beliefs. There are a lot of dog […]

Taking a Dog on a Snowdon Climb

There are few greater feelings in life than that of heading out on an adventure with your dog. This is why it was with a light heart and plenty of enthusiasm that I set out to climb Mount Snowdon with my Cockapoo, Luna, a few weeks ago. It was a terrific experience and I learned […]

6 Tips for Walking Your Dog outside in the Winter

Dogs need their daily walks otherwise they tend to become lazy and that has a detrimental effect on their health as well. Walks in the park can be extremely fun and playful however summers don’t always stay all year round. Walking your dog in the winters can be challenging so what should you do in […]

Ways to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

Pets can get trained to do their things in proper place or even ask for exiting the house and do the pooping and peeing. But accidents happen, even the best-trained dog sometimes has an accident. And many times it is not even the dog’s fault, we sometimes don’t read or understand what the pet is […]

Common Beagle Health Issues

Are you an owner of a Beagle dog or looking for more information on common Beagle health issues? All breeds of dogs have specific health issues defined by their genetic make up. To better equip pet owners on what to look for we’ve compiled this list of common Beagle health issues. Yeast and Ear Infections […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Dog's Dental Health

Keeping our dogs healthy is basically a top priority, especially to pet owners. We always want our dogs to be fit and free from illnesses. Yet many owners tend to forget that dental health is also a significant factor to ensure that our dog is healthy. Dogs use their teeth in just about everything – […]

Guard Your Dog Against Eczema

Canine eczema or dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. It is not infectious to man or to other animals, but irritates the dog, making it scratch the affected part. This further inflames the skin and so the scratching/itching cycle begins. In the acute form the dog rubs or scratches the affected part so vigorously […]

Five Of The Best Dog Heroes

Dogs have long been regarded as man’s best friend but over the years some of our canine companions have gone above and beyond the call of duty to prove their courage and loyalty. These five heroes saved hundreds of lives between them and have gone down in history as some of the bravest dogs of […]