Dog Diets

Best Diet For A Working Dog

The nutritional requirements of a working dog are far greater than those of non-working dogs. Dogs that work are a unique group, not only because they have to work for their keep, but also because their nutritional requirements are different. Muscles are made up of individual muscle fibers, however, there are two muscle fiber types. These […]

How to feed your dog properly

Why is a balanced diet important for dogs? How much should you feed a dog based on weight? How to get your overweight dog to lose weight Important rules for feeding dogs Top 15 best homemade recipes for dogs Best diet for old dogs Why is a balanced diet important for dogs? Dog breeder’s books […]

best natural dog diet

One often sees rules governing the diet of a dog published in almost any dog book. These cannot be too often repeated. Every now and again a new batch of recruits come into the show ring, and with them the necessity arises for giving useful tips as to the primary rules for dog feeding. If the […]