Diseases And Conditions

Recognizing Eye Disease In Dogs

Today we will briefly discuss some of the conditions affecting the eye itself. The cornea is the clear, tough, elastic membrane that covers the front of the eyeball. It is lubricated by the secretions of the tear glands which are vital to the health of the structure. Occasionally in older animals the secretions of tears […]

Bloat In Dog Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

One of the true emergencies encountered in veterinary practice is the case of the dog that suffers from acute gastric distension, or bloat. Drastic complications which can be irreversible can occur unless the condition can be relieved promptly. X-ray of a dog with bloat The condition is most common in breeds of large dogs. Great […]

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Spinal Problems

Dogs like their human masters, often suffer from disease processes which are caused by abnormalities of the spinal discs.The severity of the condition varies from stiffness and difficulty in getting up after resting to complete paralysis. Video of intervertebral disc disease in dogs What is the function of a spinal disc? The spinal disc is […]

Often called auto-intoxication or self poisoning is usually brought about by improper feeding, lack of exercise, bad ventilation and the use of prohibited foods such as liver, etc. Dogs kept in confined spaces and not taken out of the house for exercise naturally retain excretions which they retain on account of lack of exercise, especially […]