There are few greater feelings in life than that of heading out on an adventure with your dog. This is why it was with a light heart and plenty of enthusiasm that I set out to climb Mount Snowdon with my Cockapoo, Luna, a few weeks ago.

It was a terrific experience and I learned a few things from it that should come in useful for other dog-lovers looking to do something similar.

Get an Early Start

The first good decision that I made was to set the alarm clock for a very early start. In fact, we left the house at the scarily early time of 4 am in order to get to our starting point nice and early.

Luna slept for the whole journey there and when we arrived at 6 am we were both raring to go. This early start meant that we pretty much had the place to ourselves upon arrival, which was fantastic.

Take Plenty of Supplies

Another good decision was to take along a good amount of supplies. For a start, I had bought Luna a new winter coat in case the weather turned chilly, although it wasn’t needed in the end.

I also took along a collapsible water bowl and plenty of healthy snacks, which came in extremely handy during the hike. You certainly don’t want to head off on a trek like this without having to hand a few essentials for your dog.

Take the Easy Route

When you start to plan how to get to the top of Mount Snowdon you will see that there are a few different ways of doing so. There routes are of varying difficulty levels and lengths.

In the end, I decided that the easy Llanberis Path was best. This isn’t the shortest approach in terms of time and length but it is nice and gentle, making it ideal for climbing up with a dog.
Keep Him on the Lead

Keep Him on the Lead

An important point to bear in mind is that dogs needs to be kept on their leads in this part of the world. The reason for this is that there are a lot of sheep near Snowdon and you need to keep your pooch under control at all times.

You are also like to come across other dogs, as well as hikers who aren’t so keen on having dogs bound up to them, so it is vital that you can control your pet. I bought a new outdoor lead for Luna and she pulled a fair bit, which might just have been due to her being very excited.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

This is the sort of glorious outdoor adventure that you will really want to savour. You certainly don’t want to have to rush up or back down against the clock before it gets cold and dark.

Since we had started out so early in the day we could take it easy and soak up the atmosphere every step of the way. This is definitely the best way to make it a memorable hike that you both enjoy without any hassle or rushing about to spoil the mood.

Enjoy the Experience

Above all, this is the kind of bonding experience that you and your dog should thoroughly enjoy from start to finish. If you can’t always spend as much time with your pooch as you would like then this is a wonderful way of making up for it.

I would recommend making this trip in as relaxed a way as you can. We spent some time at the top enjoying the view before heading back down and stopping in for some food and drinks on the way home.

This is the sort of day trip that I would thoroughly recommend, as we both loved it. Provided that you do some planning in advance then it should be an easy trip that goes without a hitch and leaves you keen to do it all over again soon.

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