Are you thinking to gift your pup the best toy this Christmas? Here, you will get perfect gift ideas to surprise your pooch with, that he will chew, tear, and squeeze for days without getting tired. The fun may last for years not just days and keep the dog engaged for long-term.

These seven gift ideas will help you reflect on the prior dog toys that you wasted your money on because they could only last for few hours or days. From the range of most durable dog-toys, we have assembled the best gift ideas for Christmas. After all, why should your dog be left out during the fun?

GlowStreak LED Dog Ball

No time to play fetch during the day with your dog? Not a problem! If you get this glow-ball for your pup this Christmas, your dog will love the idea of playing around with glow ball. A series of patterns are displayed in the ball while playing that can add-in joy to let your pup enjoy the Christmas Eve. Also, the ball can float, shut down automatically and function on AA batteries for as long as 35 hours. Woah! I am excited to get it soon enough.

Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

Now that’s something important for every Christmas, to let your friends and relatives recognize your dog family member. The red paw-shaped stocking blends in the traditions of Christmas and can hold your pup’s hidden gift every Christmas. You can get 8 to 9 letters embroidered on the stocking-which can be your dog’s name.

Zoo Snoods – The Original Knit Deer Dog Snood

Snow has almost covered up your lawns, and your dog needs warm boots, warm coats, and warm furry beds. The Reindeer snood warming your dog’s neck can make the heads turn on Christmas and let your pet enjoy all the attention. It’s another perfect blend-in for Christmas which your dog would love to wear even later on during walks outside in the snow. Zoo Snoods provides you with a variety of options regarding canine costumes that include panda, rabbit, tiger or any other animal you love.

6 Pack Gift Set

(Chew Toys: 100% Natural Cotton Rope, Squeak Toys, Dog Balls, Dog Bones, Plush Dog Toy, Dog Ropes, Tug of War Ball)

If you’re a new dog parent and thinking to get the first surprise gift-toys for your dog, get this 6-pack gift set that includes all the necessary toys your dog would love to have. Play fetch with dog balls or let the dog chew on durable and indestructible dog ropes, tug of war ball and other toys. Every dog loves these essential toys for sure!

Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy – IQ Treat Ball

If your dog loves to have dog treats every once-in-a-while, these interactive food dispensing toys can keep your dogs busy for hours. The hole delivers food treats around the room whenever the dog throws it. However, keep the calorie count in check by filling half the day’s food in dog food bowl and half in the interactive treat ball.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys for Dogs

The hide-a-squirrel puzzle is another fun and interactive gift idea for this Christmas. The dog’s mental skills sharpen as they sniff the squirrels and pull them out of the tree trunk one after another. The squirrels make squeaky sounds that make the dogs play for hours.

Rogz Grinz Fun Dog Ball Treat Toy

The humorous toy will be a fun addition to your dog-toys and has gained popularity among durable dog toys this year. The big teeth smile ball can make you smile every time the dog will bring back the ball for you. The ball is bouncy and is soft enough for your dog’s teeth to keep them from getting hurt. The ball can float on water. You can also hide dog treats inside the balls to let your pup enjoy food along with the fetch game.

About the author: Fiona Appleton is a Labrador-lover. She is manager of to help people solve the troubles of pet keeping. She is active advocate of animal protection campaigns. She wants people to understand that dog-behavior is reflective of our behavior and we need to understand them at deeper psychological levels.