The world is full of dog lovers with many of them owning them as pets. Even if you’re not a dog lover yourself, there are high chances that you probably know a lot of people who are avid dog lovers. Generally, the dog lovers tend to appreciate almost anything that is inspired by their canine companions, which makes it a great idea to gift them things that are related to the dogs.

If you’re planning to gift something to a person who loves dogs, then here are some of the creative gift ideas that any dog lover would go barking mad for.

Dog print pillows and pillow covers

Every dog lover at least has some t-shirts, bumper stickers, or even pepper and salt shakers of their favorite breed of dog. You can add to the collection by gifting them a pillow or a pillow cover with the picture of their favorite breed of dog. These pillows and pillow covers are easily available online in websites which you can visit and get one that might feature one of the breeds of dog that the person loves the most.

Dog activity monitors

Dogs are also known as half Houdini by most because of their ability to sneak out and disappear. Once lost it’s difficult for an owner to track and find the dog. This is where a dog activity monitor could come to much help. These are small devices that are generally attached to a dog’s collar that could monitor the essentials of the dogs and can also record the location of the dog based on GPS.

A dog activity monitor enables the owner of a dog to keep a check on the movement of the dog and also help them keep their dog healthy by enabling them to set health goals for their furry canines and also tracking any irregular behavior. This makes it a great gift to be given to people who love and own dogs.


Almost all the dog lovers or people who own dogs like to wear clothes having the picture of their favorite dog breed, which makes it a good idea to gift a dog lover a t-shirt having the picture of their favorite dog breed. You can also find socks, boxers, and other stuff having pictures of dogs and various dog breeds, which you can buy and gift to a person who loves dogs.

You can even find hats and scarfs having dogs printed on them. These things are generally not very costly and can prove to be great gifts for people who love dogs.

Phone covers

Nowadays you can find various websites that could provide you customized covers and cases for your mobile phones. You could check those sites and get a phone cover consisting picture of dogs of a specific breed or just dogs that could make a dog lover smile whenever he/she looks at it.

If the person you’re thinking to gift a phone cover loves pit bulls and has an iPhone then you can choose from the various pitbull iphone cases present in These premium covers not only make the phone look good but also add an extra layer of protection to the phone. This is why it’s recommended that you visit the site and check for the pitbull iphone cases.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are almost loved by everyone. They not only help you enjoy your favorite cup of coffee but the designs on them make you feel happy whenever you see them. You can find coffee mugs having dogs printed on them with quotes and other stuff that you could gift a person loving dogs. There are also specific websites that have cups shaped like the faces of dogs that you could gift to an avid dog lover.


You can nowadays find many dog toys from the market. These dog toys come in various shapes and sizes and can be used by both the dog owners and the dogs themselves. Generally, these are soft toys that you could keep them in your selves as a part of decoration or you can give it to your dog as a toy to play with. This makes this an ideal gift to present to a dog lover.

It’s recommended that you choose a toy depending on how you think the person might use it. If you think the person might give it to the dog as a toy then you might consider buying a strong toy but if you think the person might use if for decoration you can give him a dog soft toy that could look decorative.

Written by Barking Bullies