Are you an owner of a Beagle dog or looking for more information on common Beagle health issues? All breeds of dogs have specific health issues defined by their genetic make up. To better equip pet owners on what to look for we’ve compiled this list of common Beagle health issues.

Yeast and Ear Infections

Due to the large flapped ears on the Beagle they are prone to ear infections with yeast buildup and infections. The size and form of the dog’s ear doesn’t allow for proper airflow to keep the natural ear health balanced. Even with regular ear cleaning this can be a particularly bothersome health issue. It can be noted by extremely itchy ears, head tilting or a foul smell from the ear. A Veterinarian visit is suggested if symptoms are present.

Cherry Eye

Beagle dogs are one of a few breeds that are prone to cherry eye. This is a genetic defect where the flesh inside the eyelid is too big and bulges outside of the eye. The flesh is moist from eye fluids and can attract debris that causes permanent injury. In many cases the cherry eye prevents the eye fluids from naturally flushing out dirt and debris. Surgery can usually remove the cherry eye and allow the eye to function properly. Cherry eye isn’t always noticeable in a puppy but will present itself in the dogs first year. Cherry eye can also be caused head/eye injury or pressure from behind the eyeball.

Epilepsy and Seizures

Epilepsy is a common Beagle health issue. With it comes seizures that happen at random times. Just like seizures in humans, dogs can injure themselves and possibly die from them. It’s more difficult for dogs as they have no comprehension of what’s happening or why. Beagle dogs with Epilepsy can have their seizures treated with medications like phenobarbital to help prevent them. Epilepsy is an incurable disease but dogs with epilepsy and medications can live long, otherwise healthy, lives.

Heart Conditions Common To Beagles

Another common Beagle health issue is Pulmonary Stenosis. It’s a heart condition that narrows the area where the pulmonary artery and right ventricle meet. This causes a loss of blood flow and possible obstruction on the right side of the dog’s heart. Depending on the severity or age of the dog, the right side of the heart can become enlarge and severely stressed. Early signs of this would be easy to tire, excessive panting, quick signs of exertion, and irregular heartbeat. In severe to moderate cases surgery is suggested to fix the heart valves.

Being aware of your dog breeds common health issues can keep you a step ahead when it comes to pet health. It’s difficult to go through health issues with our pets and at times it can be costly. Keep in mind you are your pet’s best friend and decision maker. Your dog is depending on you to be knowledgeable and able to go through anything with him.