Dog has always been a loyal and faithful pet, dogs will appear at the top of the companion list. Dogs are called men’s best friend; therefore, many of us will own a pet dog.

If you’re thinking about adopting a puppy, then a good quality dog playpen is a must item for every dog owner. In this article, I am going to highlight the necessities of a dog playpen.

Puppy in Playpen instead of Crate

There are a lot of playpens and crates available for puppy in the market. So, you should know which one that suits your puppy. Dog crates are too small for high-energy puppies. Some dog crates are made of materials such as wire and metal, which can be a danger to your puppy’s health. This is why the playpen is undoubtedly a better option than crates.

Benefits of Having a Playpen

Little puppies have a tendency to run here and there just like kids. So, If you are concerned about confining the puppy from running around, or if you don’t want to get tired of chasing your puppy running out the open door; a playpen will help you out. Even a small playpen can provide the puppy sufficient space to walk, play, and rest as well.

If you want your puppy to be your best friend, you need to have a close relationship with him/her. By using a playpen, you can increase the relationship between you and your dog, as you can play with your puppy whenever you have some free time.

Nowadays with introduction of new dog playpens, additional panels are coming. This extra panel gives your puppy an ample room to exercise. Along with large space, some toys, enough foods, and water, will make this a great place for your puppy to enjoy.

A playpen can keep your stuff safe from unexpected incident, if your puppy is too playful – you can’t just blame it all on him/her, since they are far more energetic in the younger age.


There is full of mischievous behaviors and excitements at a younger age. And for puppies, we need to keep them under control. Good quality playpens are required for training your puppy properly.

Guest Post by John Howes, the founder of Dog Strollers.