There are many ways to strengthen the bond between you and your dog without breastfeeding them and petting is one of those many ways that bring fun to both you and your dog.

Most dogs seem to enjoy a good belly rub any time and some even ask for it. However, there are some cases that dogs don’t like it or used to then don’t, why there is such a different? In the length of this article, we will help you to figure out the reason behind it.

Why do most dogs like it?

In nature, being on their back is restricted since it is the dog is in a vulnerable position. Dr. Peter Brown, chief medical officer of Wagly stated that to dogs, belly rubbing is an action of comfort that your dog trusts you and is willing to show his weakness to you. Although it is also known as a submissive behavior of dogs toward human, that doesn’t determine that it feels good to dogs and they are enjoying it any less.

Why do some DON’T?

If your dog normally likes a belly rub but then doesn’t, this could be a sign of a medical problem, could be in their back of their tummy. If he growls when you give him a belly rub, you should stop and call the vet since it could be a sign of pain.

But if since the beginning, your dog doesn’t like it when you touch his belly then OK, it’s completely normal, it’s your dog’s preference on how to be petted and you don’t have to worry about it.

Don’t force your dog to a belly rub

Even if your dog likes it, it shouldn’t be forced. The act of forcing a dog on his back might create anxiety in your dog and will affect his trust on you. There are many other ways to have fun with your dog like giving him a treat, patting his head or take him out on a nice long walk, just don’t make them do anything they are not willing to.

Love is something you can’t force, just like you can’t press a knife on a woman’s neck and ask her to marry you. Even though there is a chance that she will say yes, it’s fear and it’s not how love works.

A sign to spot if your dog is happy with your action or not is to look at his respond. If he seems floppy and loose, he’s having a great time and if he looks more comfortable when you stop, he does not like it and depending on whether he liked it before or not, you should bring him to the vet or leave him alone.

My dog kicks his legs when getting a belly rub

Most of us think the action of kicking his leg shows that the dog is tickling when we scratch a certain spot on his body but in fact, it’s not. It is an involuntary action the dog performs subconsciously to get rid of the irritant. This is a natural mechanism of the dog’s body to avoid danger, just like when the dog’s back twitches when he thinks there is a bug on his back.

This reaction is similar to a human when you kick the air as a doctor use a rubber hammer to knock on your knee, this is used when vets want to test the dog’s nervous system to check for any miscommunication between his nerves, spinal cord and brain. However, this is not a sign of your dog hating belly rubs; it’s just not because the belly rub is tickling to them.

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