For dog lovers, a family holiday often includes the four-legged members of the family as well. For those who do not regularly holiday with their dog a little extra planning is required to ensure that the whole trip is successful, stress free and most importantly enjoyable for all.

However, often when hectic holiday preparation is underway it is easy to forget those little things that will make sure your dog feels prepared and comfortable for their onward journey. If your dog is unfamiliar with being in the car then a few short drives are a great way to familiarize your dog with this new sensation, without overwhelming them.

Planning when your dog will have their pre-travel meal should also ensure that travel sickness does not have an undesired consequences when you final hit the road. For a full breakdown of what to pack, tips for in the car and what to do when you arrive check out this new infographic put together by dog-friendly hotel group, Principal:

Infographic: Travelling with your dog

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