A dog is great companion and a member of the family, but for all that she offers, and however human-like she can sometimes seem, she is just a dog – and she relies on you for safety and security. While your beloved pupper may have something to say about whether she accompanies you on your travels – either whining at being left behind or anxiously hiding in fear of a trick visit to the vet – the decision to take her with you when you travel is ultimately yours. Hopefully you will take her opinion into account (after all, you don’t want to deal with a neurotic hound for six hours on the highway), but more important still is that you should take responsible steps to keep her safe and comfy if you do elect to take her with you.

The first thing to think about is where she will sit. There are many different options depending on which part of the car you feel she belongs. A smaller dog might go in the back seat, in which case you can choose between a range of harnesses that are compatible with your seatbelt fixtures, and boxes and hammocks that hang from the car seats themselves.

If you’d rather she travels in the trunk, it’s not as easy as letting her hop in with just a blanket to keep her comfortable. One sudden stop and you could find her sitting up front in the driver’s seat with you. It’s far more advisable to put her in a carry box within the trunk, or to put up a dog guard to separate her from the main part of the car. This is for the safety of your dog and your family!

Budget Direct’s new infographic lays out all the options, with a few bonus ideas on how to make your dog as comfortable and happy as possible on your trip. Take a good look, and plan wisely before you next take her on the road. She deserves it.