Labradors are intelligent and friendly dogs, and that’s why they are one of the most popular breeds in the world. A Labrador manages to adapt to any environment and to be extremely sociable and curious. Because they are so friendly and affectionate, they can be ideal companions.

Besides the companion role, Labradors can also be trained as service dogs. Their instincts serve them well when performing many of the jobs required by service dogs. Below we will explain why Labradors make great service dogs, and why they excel at certain jobs.

Assistance Dogs

Labradors are extremely focused and will notice even the smallest detail. They have a great olfactory sense and excellent sight, being able to handle the outdoor environment well. Considering that they are very calm, Labradors can be easily trained as assistance dogs, for disabled or blind people.

Labs can ensure their blind owners a normal life, guiding them through their daily activities. A Labrador will guide its owner through the city, detect any immediate threats, open doors, collect mail and even load the washing machine. The training that assistance dogs go through is intense and usually takes around 2 years.

Armed Forces Assistants

Because of their calm temperament, Labradors can handle any stressful situation. That’s why they are often used in the armed forces, being responsible for a series of important tasks.

They are ideal in a war zone, because they can easily track any injured soldier or spot explosive materials. The US Army has been using Labradors for many years, and with great results. These dogs have saved many lives and have prevented catastrophes by detecting explosive materials. Labradors are highly regarded inside the Army and they are often awarded with decorations and military ranks.

Border Police Assistants

Their excellent olfactory sense can be helpful in other circumstances, not only inside the army. Because Labradors have highly sensitive noses, they are extremely useful as border police assistants, managing to detect even the smallest trace of a forbidden substance.

Labrador’s keen senses allow them to detect almost any hidden material. Labs can be trained to detect drugs, explosives and even weapons.

Medical Detectors

Labradors are some very smart animals and because of that, they can be trained to identify several kinds of medical emergencies. These dogs can be trained to react if their owner has a stroke or any other form of seizure. The dog will immediately know that something is wrong, and will search for help, alerting the neighbors or family members.

Recent studies show that Labradors can be taught to identify more complicated health problems like brain tumors or low blood sugar levels.

Rescue Team Assistants

After an earthquake or tornado, it can be very hard for a rescue team to find survivors. However, this is a task which Labradors are great at. They will proceed to find any living being, trapped inside a collapsed building or under debris. Labs immediately sense the victim and will alert the rescue team, who can start helping that person.

Labradors can find missing people who are lost in the woods or elsewhere outside. Their acute sense of smell allows them to trace a person who is miles away, pointing the search team in the right direction. Lots of search and rescue missions have a Labrador on their team.

What Can I Say, Labs are Great!

These highly skilled tasks are proof of Labradors’ intelligence and trainability. Being food-motivated dogs, Labs require a fair amount of treats and praise during training. Keeping them healthy with a proper diet also makes the training more efficient.

Written by The Bark Buzz