Maintaining a home is tough. Maintaining a home with pets can seem impossible. If you have the luxury of being able to remodel your home, there are certain measures you can take to minimize the amount of upkeep needed in your ever-bustling abode. If you had to choose one part of your home that takes the most beating, the obvious answer is the flooring. A floor’s job is tough, which is why you as a homeowner need your floor to be tough. Luckily, there are several types of flooring materials that were created with dog owners, like yourself, in mind.

The ideal flooring for your home will be tough, low maintenance, versatile, cheap, water-resistant, and able to be refurnished if necessary. While it may be impossible to find the perfect flooring for your home, there are plenty of great options to keep you satisfied. Here are four of the most popular & practical flooring options for dog owners.


Oak is one of the most popular and timeless flooring options for any home. For centuries, it has been a go-to hardwood material boasting durability and good looks. So apart from being a timeless classing, why is oak a good option for a heavily trafficked home?

For starters, it’s most commonly known for its hardness, scoring high on the Janka scale. This means that without any special treatments, the wood is naturally resistant to dents and casual wear. If you pair this wood with a high quality finish, your floors will be ready to go the distance. It is also worthy noting, that oak floors are capable of being repeatedly sanded and refinished, allowing you to bring new life to them at any stage of their existence.

The biggest cons of oak flooring are its vulnerability to scratches. While it is very hard and resistant to big dents, small surface scratches are common from paws and claws. If accidents are not cleaned promptly and properly, oak floors will be susceptible to warping.


Cork flooring is a phenomenal choice for those who are looking for overall forgiveness from their floors. It’s surprisingly durable, while remaining the softest option on our list. If you’ve ever handled a wine cork, you know the material’s ability to flex and compress. Small dents in cork floors are capable of actually filling themselves, due to the materials elasticity and ability to “bounce” back. Another great aspect of this material is it creates a very soft experience, which is great for any furry friend looking for a spot to snooze. It’s slightly busy look means that small scratches will simply blend into the pattern and disappear. It’s relatively cheap, and maintenance is as simple as occasionally sweeping and mopping.


Due to bamboo’s extremely rapid pace of growth, it’s a fairly cheap option for putting in new floors. There are many different types of bamboo, some of which are known for being remarkably strong, durable, and long-lasting. With the right type of harvest, your floors will be extremely tough and resistant to dents. However, bamboo is known for picking up scratches especially in heavily trafficked rooms. The upside to this, is that it’s capable of being refinished multiple times, meaning you can make bamboo flooring last for decades. When your children make it look like a tornado just ran through your living room, fear not, bamboo floors can be easily cleaned with a mop and broom. Lastly, bamboo is a remarkably “green” and environmentally friendly option.


Ah, vinyl, the jack-of-all-trades. Cheap, versatile, customizable, and incredibly durable, Vinyl flooring has become a staple piece in the flooring world. New technologies, and competition between rival companies has led to an explosion of different vinyl styles, meaning that you’ll be able to match vinyl flooring with nearly any interior design. It remains popular amongst parents & pet owners for a variety of reasons. It is remarkably dent & scratch resistant, meaning that with proper upkeep you can make a ten-year-old floor look new. Vinyl is also extremely resistant to water and stains. If you come home from work to find that Fido made a puddle in the kitchen 6 hours ago, cleanup is as simple as a Swiffer! In fact, vinyl flooring has become so reliable and durable, that many manufacturers will back their product with a ten or even twenty year warranty. Wow!

In short, there are many options for dog owners when choosing the right flooring, and each type will have its place in different households. If you want the least maintenance and a cheap installation, Vinyl is right for you. If you want a more traditional and warm feeling, perhaps oak or cork are best. Point being, every homeowner is different, and there will never be one universal product to satisfy them all. As always, do your diligence and research before purchasing new flooring, as it’s certainly a long-term commitment. With the proper flooring, you, Fido, and the kids will enjoy one happy home!

About the author: Gerety Building & Restoration is a full-service general contractor that offers kitchen & bathroom remodeling, masonry, flooring, custom wine cellars, roofing, residential painting and more.