As an angler, you may have probably noticed that some of your fellow anglers bring their dogs. What for, you may ask. Some tag along with their dogs for safety or for one more day of spending time with your dog away from home.

You may even have desired to catch fish with your dog, so, here’s how to train your dog to catch fish. Just as training a dog to catch Frisbees or treats, isn’t a walk in the park, so is training a dog to catch fish.

Tips on How to Train Your Dog

It’s a Process

The first time to take your dog to the shores to fish with you, be prepared for anything and everything. It is the first time for the dog, and he or she has no idea what to do and what not to. You have to train her on this.

For the dog to follow your orders, then you should have trained it to listen to you before, to sit, fetch, etc. It should be used to following your directions. Otherwise, this could be a disaster waiting to go wrong.

Teach it not to bite at any and everything on the shore or that is thrown out. Dogs can catch fish poison especially from salmon which is heartrending to watch.

Remember to reward it after it achieves a task, this way, the dog will associate the reward with the completion of the said assignment, and this time it will be catching fish.

Steer away From Crowds

Some fishing enthusiasts may not appreciate having a dog around as they fish. To avoid any confrontations, steer away from crowded places. You will have enough space to play with your dog without interrupting others.

You could also learn to communicate with your dog using hand signals. You don’t want to be the only one shouting orders while fellow anglers are out fishing and also looking for some peace and quiet.

How to Train Your Dog to Catch Fish

Understand the Disposition of your Dog

Before you take your dog out to teach her how to fish, you need to know how it behaves around water. Does it get too excited and hyperactive? Some dogs are just not made to be good fishing buddies.

If a dog scurries around disrupting the activities of other anglers, then, everybody else is going to put the blame on you as the dog owner and not the dog.

What does it Take to Make your Fishing Day a Success?

You need to examine yourself and ask this question, what does it take to make your fishing day a success? Do you measure success by the number of fish you catch or by having a productive and relaxing day outdoors?

If your success depends on the number of fish you catch, then, you are probably not ready to go out fishing with your dog. When fishing with a dog, you may have to take your eyes off the fishing line once in a while.

You need to ensure the safety of the dog and know its whereabouts. Are you ready for that? Training your dog to catch fish is not impossible, but it won’t be easy. You can find more on how to fish with your dog, on the many books on training hunting dogs, depending on the breed of your dog.

Different dogs behave differently, more so, if they are near or in water. Get to understand the behavioral patterns of your dog for you to have an enjoyable fishing experience with it.

Training your dog to catch food without eating it, has been done. You can train your dog using the outlined simple steps to have the optimal outdoor experience with it. A change of scenery is good once in a while, and dogs take new ventures quite warmly.

You also need to keep a keen eye on the dog for any changes due to illnesses. Sometimes, they get worms from sampling the fish which could affect them.

Train Your Dog to Catch Fish


It is possible to train your dog to catch fish but be sure that it isn’t going to be easy. For the steps to be thoroughly ingrained in the mind of your dog, you need to train it regularly. Teach her to respond to your commands appropriately.

Reward her if she does something right, and she will associate the treats with doing this as instructed by her owner. For the first few days of training, stay away from other anglers so as not to disrupt them and lead to collisions.

Train your dog not to bite at every lure on your fishing line; you don’t want to struggle with it as you remove the hooks. If your fishing success is based on the number of fish that you can catch, it is probably not wise to take your dog with you like your fishing companion.

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