The decision to add a Pitbull to your family is probably a good idea because these pets are quite smart, sociable, and most importantly, they love hanging around with kids. Pitbull owners are obliged to reciprocate by feeding their dogs properly to ensure maximum growth and health. If you are wondering what to feed your Pitbulls, here […]

How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Brushing teeth make your dog mouth healthy, even two or three days a week can make the difference. You had better brush your dog’s teeth, as doing it will prevent the plaque build up or reduce the chance your dog has a problem with bad breath, tooth decay, or painful infection. The dental infection can […]

Winter tips for dogs and cats

Dogs and cats are more comfortable in the cooler months than in the extreme heat of summer. With a few adjustments to their diet and housing, they should enjoy a healthy winter. Diet for dogs and cats in winter Most pets should be fed more in the winter months. More food is needed to maintain the […]

Signs and symptoms of calcium deficiency in pregnant and nursing dogs

Calcium is an essential component of the diet at all stages of an animal’s life. The puppy, the pregnant and nursing mother, and the very large breeds all require special consideration. Calcium requirements for a puppy After weaning, the rapidly growing puppy relies on its owner to provide it with proper amounts of calcium. Fortunately most modern […]

Recognizing Eye Disease In Dogs

Today we will briefly discuss some of the conditions affecting the eye itself. The cornea is the clear, tough, elastic membrane that covers the front of the eyeball. It is lubricated by the secretions of the tear glands which are vital to the health of the structure. Occasionally in older animals the secretions of tears […]

Best diet for old dogs

The family pet has never been better looked after in terms of disease prevention through vaccination and in its nutrition. As a result the domestic dog is now living longer and certain problems peculiar to old age are more frequently encountered by the veterinarian. Enlarged prostate gland Aged male dogs can develop an enlarged prostate […]

Best Diet For A Working Dog

The nutritional requirements of a working dog are far greater than those of non-working dogs. Dogs that work are a unique group, not only because they have to work for their keep, but also because their nutritional requirements are different. Muscles are made up of individual muscle fibers, however, there are two muscle fiber types. These […]