Pitbull puppies are generally thought to be aggressive and often need more attention in order to tame the hostile nature of their traits. Most people forget that just like any other puppies breeds, the pitbull type is loving and gentle when treated well. Here are the top 5 ways to take care of a pitbull puppy.

1. Feed the Puppy a Healthy Diet

How you feed your pitbull has a lot of influence on how it will grow and the characters it will bear. Ensure that the puppy has enough high-quality food everyday. The best dog food for pitbull should include meat as an ingredient. Avoid food that lists by-products of meat and some irritating grains as the only ingredients.

2. Teach your Pitbull Puppy Basic Commands at an Early Stage

Do not wait until the pitbull has grown old so as to start teaching it basic commands that help puppies become obedient and loving. Commands such as COME, STOP, SIT and STAY are important elements that your pitbull should grow with right from the start. These commands will help the puppy know when to stop whatever it is doing, when to reach out to you and when to stay calm even if there are strangers around. This will in turn help in calming its aggressiveness.

3. Stop Yelling at Your Puppy Whenever It Makes a Mistake

Yelling and punishment will not help you raise a loving pitbull. Try using positive reinforcement anytime the pitbull puppy makes a mistake. For example, if your puppy is jumping up and down the rooms and you do not like it, try and keep it busy by giving it a piece of bone to keep it busy or taking it out for a walk. Yin this situation, you should avoid yelling at it or locking it a kennel.

4. Supervise your Pitbull Interactions with Other Dogs

Pitbull puppies are always playful, but at times they can be aggressive to an extent of fighting other puppies in the area. It is always important to watch over any kind of interactions between your pitbull and other dogs or puppies. Interrupt any form of fighting or bad behavior that you will notice during the interaction. This will help your puppy realize that you are in control and therefore become more attached to you.

5. Microchip and Place a Collar on your Pitbull Puppy

Micro-chipping is important since pitbull puppies are notorious in escaping their homes, especially if there is no enough food or when they feel like they are being mistreated. Microchip locator device and an identification tag around the pitbull puppy’s neck will help you find it in good time and more likely in good condition if it escapes or gets lost unintentionally. It is important to realize that pitbull puppies will not find any reason to run away from your care if you are always good and treating it with all the love and care it deserves.

Lastly, it is important to realize that pitbull puppies tend to be aggressive to owners if raised in an unclean and dehumanizing environment. You should therefore keep your home clean at all times and give the puppy all the attention it requires so as to grow up knowing that you care. Remember that dogs are man’s best friend; therefore reciprocate this every time you are with your pitbull puppy.

By Lauren the founder of lovablepawsandclaws.com.