You would take your dog everywhere with you if you could, right? However, we all know that in some situations it’s simply impossible and that you have to leave your dog home alone.

While this may not present a problem to many dogs, for others it can be a truly stressful situation. For those that fit into this other group, staying home alone can provoke some stress-related reactions.

Let’s take a look at what dogs may experience when home alone in order to understand them and help them!

1. Lack of appetite

Some dogs may experience a total lack of appetite when they’re home alone, especially if it’s the first time. You come home and see the dog food untouched, naturally – you start to worry.

However, this is not uncommon when it comes to dogs that are home alone for the first time and passes as soon as you come back home.

While we’re at this topic, check out some other reasons that could cause your dog not to eat at this list of 10 reasons why your dog won’t eat!

2. Loneliness and separation anxiety

Your dog may have a big separation anxiety when you’re leaving. Constantly thinking about where you are and why you left isn’t easy for a dog that doesn’t enjoy being alone. In some cases, he or she may even think that you’re not coming back.

In these situations, you have to think ahead and try to reduce the tension. By taking you dog for a walk before you leave will probably tire out you dog a bit and he or she will maybe take a nap while you’re gone, reducing the lonely time.

Leaving some classical music or specifically designed music will also help reduce the tension. If you want to know more about this topic, read this article on dogs and music.

Also, make sure to leave out some toys or other things your dog likes while you’re away.

3. Boredom

For dogs that don’t like being home alone, solitude equals boredom! Unfortunately, boredom will probably lead to undesirable behavior.

So, if they don’t have anything to play with, like toys or other things, dogs will play with things you don’t want them to play with.

If bored, they can start chewing on shoes and furniture; urinating all over the place or barking so loudly the entire neighborhood will know your dog is home alone.

This is why it is crucial to provide your dog with activities when you’re away for a couple of hours.

Safety and Health Issues

4. Safety and health issues

Some dogs may take the whole being-alone-home thing so far that some health problems will occur, for example stomach ache or urinal infection (due to ‘’holding it’’ for too long).

Others will create problems, by poisoning themselves or getting into various accidents. Accidents can’t all be prevented, but you can train your dog and teach him proper behavior when you’re away.

When it comes to poisoning, you can prevent this by keeping drugs and dangerous foods at places dogs don’t know about.

5. Lack of attention

When you’re away, dogs find themselves in a state where nothing new is happening and they’re not evolving at all. They aren’t learning anything new and this environment is very static for them. While you’re out experiencing new things, your dog is alone at a place without action!

In order to change this, show them a lot of attention when you come home. Do something fun and your dog will soon forget about the boring, previous couple of hours.


Understanding what your dog is going through when home alone is vital if you want to make this a better experience for your pet. Step by step, this situation will become more bearable and you will both get used to it.

However, leaving your dog home alone is never easy if you know that your dog isn’t the type to enjoy the solitude… So make sure to provide activities while you’re gone and make up for your absence when you get home by paying a lot of attention!