A service dog is an animal that assists an individual who suffers from some sort of disability, including vision impairment, seizure disorder, hearing impairment, mental illness, and mobility impairment. A service dog can also be used to help someone who suffers from diabetes. If you require the use of a service dog, no doubt you are curious about how to register your animal as such.

Depending on where you reside, such an animal used to assist disabled ones is referred to as a service dog, or even an assistance dog. Some organizations breed and train these dogs to be ideal for their tasks on the job, so-to-speak, but any dog that possesses the required temperament and health traits can be an acceptable service animal. For an individual who requires a service dog, generally speaking, the animal is allowed to go where the public is. That way, said individual never has to fear that he or she will not be able to depend on the service dog in question when out and about. In most cases, the only way a service dog is not allowed in a space is if the environment is a sterile one, and the dog’s presence could contaminate the cleanliness required.

What about the tasks that a service dog would be equipped to handle?

Such an animal would be used to do any of the following for their owner:

  • Wake the owner up in time for school, or work.
  • Remind the owner to take their medication (when medication is required) at a certain time each day.
  • Bring the owner something to drink with their medication to prevent difficulty swallowing.
  • When symptoms of flare-ups occur, or side effects of other medications effect the owner of the service dog, the animal in question may bring other medication to help alleviate these symptoms.
  • Provide the owner with an emergency phone when the individual is faced with crisis.
  • Assist the owner going up and down stairs.
  • Keep suspicious persons away from the owner.
  • Other tasks and actions that provide a person suffering from disability assistance.

If an animal is used as an emotional support dog, the task at hand would be to help support and comfort an individual suffering from emotional issues. Therapy dogs work to provide affection, support, and comfort to those who reside in nursing homes and hospitals.

If you require the use of a service dog, how would you handle the task of service dog registration?

First, you would need to be eligible to have one. This means that you would be an individual with a disability preventing you from being able to perform major life tasks. Registering your service dog as such is a voluntary act that takes out much of the hassle that comes along with taking your animal in public, as your dog will look official and be legitimized.

Service dog registration can be achieved through a variety of companies who specialize in registration. Once you decide on a company and registration kit (you can usually choose a registration kit for a service dog, emotional support dog, and therapy dog), you can usually count on receiving everything you need within a few business days. Choose the company that you go through carefully, however, as not all are reputable. Most companies will be willing to let you consult with them before purchasing a service dog registration kit, and possess web pages with plenty of information on the process for your convenience. It’s always a good idea to educate yourself before immediately spending your money, plus you’ll be able to have any questions you may have regarding eligibility and the registration laid to rest.

Once your service animal is registered, you can enjoy advantages such as being able to bring your dog to live with you in homes that do not regularly allow animals, have your service dog with you in public and at work to assist you when help is needed, and even be able to travel with your dog. If you suffer from a disability, don’t worry that you have to be alone or go without assistance. Register your dog to be a service animal today.

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