A Labrador can be a great companion for camping adventures. They are up for anything, energetic, and fun-loving. They love to hike, feel at home on an in the water, and are happy at a campground. Your Labrador will be fine even if needs to sleep on the ground. It will not complain about the rain or bugs.

If you are planning to explore the outdoors with your Labrador, here are several tips for taking your best friend camping.


In order to have a good relationship with your Labrador, enabling you to take them camping, proper training is very important. You will find it fun and easy to travel or just relax by the campground with a dog that is well-trained by your side. Your dog should know how to remain safe and respect your boundaries. Here are some critical skills to teach to your dog:

  • Come – This command can keep your dog away from harm and out of trouble. When at a campground with your Labrador, this command will stop your dog from interacting with unfriendly dogs, will keep it safe from wild animals, avoid disturbing your neighbors and keep them away from food.
  • Sit and Down are commands useful when your Labrador should calm down or for people-greetings.
  • Free – This command lets your dog free from the previous command.
  • Leave it and Drop it – will restrain your dog from undesirable scavenging and will keep the food safe from its enormous appetite.
  • Toileting on Command – This skill is useful when camping because you can pick the spot.

Before Leaving

You need to do some extra planning before leaving home. Apply tick and flea medication in order to protect your dog from bites. You may take pest-repellent wipes instead of using a spot-on treatment.

It is also recommended to ensure that your Labrador is has all required vaccinations since many parks and campgrounds require vaccination proof. You also have to treat your dog against mosquito transmitted Heartworm. Ensure that your Labrador has a dog collar featuring an ID tag with your phone number and all the needed information.

Camping Gear

In case you will also go backpacking or hiking, you need to pack some basic necessities:

  • Water bowl and food dish
  • A treat pouch
  • Treats for rewards and training
  • Enough dog food for your trip’s length
  • Leash for tying out and exploring
  • Walking leash
  • Poop bags for clean-up
  • Bones, toys, and other items to keep your Labrador busy
  • Dog’s bed or other sleeping arrangement.

Labrador’s First Aid Kit For Camping

Labradors are rugged and resilient. However, it is important to bring a dog’s first-aid kit that can respond to small emergencies. This should include:

  • Butterfly bandages
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • VetRap or waterproof tape
  • Gauze pads
  • Veterinarian prescribed painkiller such as Rimadyl or Tramadol for pains and aches
  • Disposable gloves
  • Tweezers for pulling ticks
  • Activated charcoal to counteract toxins and poisons
  • Benadryl for allergic reactions, stings, and bites

Feeding your Labrador while camping

Your Labrador’s diet is an important aspect that you should not forget about when you prepare for your next camping trip. As much as you might want to feed them scraps from whatever you have prepared, you should always get them to eat their regular food.

You need to bring enough food for the period you plan to stay. In fact, it is recommended to take two extra days of food meals beyond your planned stay time, just in case.

You want a critter proof, water proof and sturdy container for dog food storage. Also, ensuring that you have enough clean drinking water is a must for both you and your dog.


It isn’t hard to please your dog, but you will see your Labrador get really excited if you decide to take them camping. Labradors love an outdoor adventure and are one of the best companions to take with you into the wild. Whether you’re exploring a quiet lake on a boat, mountain hiking or camping next to a water stream, your outdoor adventures will only get better when you take your Labrador with you!

Written by The Bark Buzz