Keeping our dogs healthy is basically a top priority, especially to pet owners. We always want our dogs to be fit and free from illnesses. Yet many owners tend to forget that dental health is also a significant factor to ensure that our dog is healthy.

Dogs use their teeth in just about everything – from eating their food, to playing with toys. As concerned dog owners, it is only our primary duty to provide our furry friends with an access to a dental care regimen.

As humans need to maintain a good dental health, dogs also need to maintain such. Oral problems and infections are very common to our dogs, many of which require professional care. By practicing a dental care routine, such illnesses can be alleviated.

Here are seven ways you can do to improve your dog’s teeth.

Check Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

It starts with a routine. You should examine your dog’s teeth and gums at least once a week for any possible problem. In order to do this, you have to place your dog in front of you and lift his lips up for a good view of his teeth and gums. Take note of the presence of tartar on the teeth. On the other hand, the gums of your dog should not be swollen, and should have a natural pink color. When your dog’s gums are colored red or white, it is high time to visit your veterinarian.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

It might be a tall order, but brushing the teeth of your dog may prevent the buildup of plaque. Get your pet a toothbrush specifically made for dogs because it can easily clean the crevices of his mouth better than ordinary toothbrush. Additionally, you should never use a human toothpaste for your dog since it contains substances such as fluoride which may be dangerous to him. Instead, purchase a dog toothpaste. It usually comes in scrumptious flavors such as peanut butter flavor. For sure, your dog will love it. Finally, it should be noted that brushing your dog’s teeth does not need to be done daily. Yet, doing it more often is recommended.

Go for a Regular Dental Exam

Like humans, dogs need a regular dental checkup. Through a quick oral screening, your vet can gauge for symptoms of illnesses such as oral cancer. Diagnosing the presence of such illnesses can lead to an early treatment of the disease, which in turn can result to a successful cure.

Allow Your Dogs to Chew

Give your canine a toy to chew because they’re actually good for the teeth. Many of these chew toys actually have teeth-cleaning properties with them, cleansing your dog’s teeth without him noticing. Chomping on these toys fosters a stronger teeth. Furthermore, it massages the gums and scrapes the tartar away from his teeth. There are a lot rubber and nylon toys in the market, so it would not be difficult to find one for your dog. However, see to it that the shape and size of the toy should be appropriate for him.

Give Dogs Dental Treats

Like chew toys, some treats can also improve your pooch’s teeth. These treats contain substances that would freshen your dog’s breath while removing the buildup of plaque. Find a dental treat that your dog would love since they usually come in various flavors and shapes.

Monitor the Diet of Your Dogs

Your dog’s diet can be a determining factor on his dental health. Feed your dog with nutritious food. Look for dog food which inhibits the formation of plaque and the growth of bacteria. Dry food usually removes plaque on his teeth while chewing. Try to avoid giving your dog food scraps. Also, try to avoid allowing your dogs to munch on your trash. These may contain harmful which may be detrimental to your dog’s dental health.

Allow Professionals to Clean their Teeth

Undergoing a professional cleaning by a veterinarian would most likely ensure your best friend’s dental health. While it may be costly, professional cleaning will guarantee your dog’s perfect smile. Your veterinarian will polish your dog’s teeth, removing any trace of plaque and tartar. He will also take not of any dental ailments present. Your vet knows how to locate for dental issues which you may not notice. If ever there are issues surrounding your dog’s teeth, extraction may occur. However, it should be noted that if you frequently clean your dog’s teeth at home, there is no need for a professional to do it for you.

Like any animal, your dog’s teeth is a vital part of your furry friend’s day-to- day life, hence the need to take care of them. By regularly following the aforementioned ways to improve your dog’s teeth, you can be ensured of a healthy and plaque free smile from your best friend.

Written by PetDT